• The Striders 2019 AGM & Awards Night

    Well done to all Striders who picked up an award at last nights AGM!

    Nikki Javan – 3rd Womens Road Ranking

    Niamh Vincent – 2nd Women’s Road Ranking

    Jemma Zakariyyau – 1st Womens Road Ranking

    Nikki Javan, Jemma Zakariyyau, Niamh Vincent – Women’s Road Champions

    Debra Bourne – 3rd Women’s Age Graded Road

    Tatsuya Okamoto – 3rd Mens Road Rankings

    Andrew Aitken – 2nd Mens Road Rankings

    Jenny Rowe, Steph Upton & Laura Fell – Women’s XC Champions

    Andrew Aitken – 2nd Mens XC

    Laura Fell – 2nd Sandilands Cup

    Nikki Javan – Sandilands Cup Champion

    Simon Webster – 3rd Road Handicap

    Vanessa Wheeler – Road Handicap Winner

    Rachel Lindley – 2nd Women’s Track & Field

    Sandra Francis – Women’s Track & Field Champion

    Jon Dean – 3rd Mens Track & Field

    Paul Cripps – Mens Track & Field Champion

    Matt Stone & Steph Upton – Triathlon Champions

    James Burree – Man of the Year

    Ally Whitlock – Woman of the Year


    AGM Club Awards 2018/19


    Women’s Road Ranking

    3rd            Nikki Javan

    2nd            Niamh Vincent

    1st             Jemma Zakariyyau


    Women’s Age Graded Road

    3rd            Debra Bourne

    2nd            Niamh Vincent & Nikki Javan (joint 2nd)

    1st             Jemma Zakariyyau


    Men’s Road Ranking

    3rd            Tatsuya Okamoto

    2nd            Andrew Aitken

    1st             James Bennett


    Men’s Age Graded Road

    3rd            James Bennett

    2nd            Dave Shaw

    1st             Krzysztof Klidzia


    Women’s Cross Country

    3rd            Jenny Rowe

    2nd            Laura Fell

    1st             Steph Upton


    Men’s Cross Country

    3rd            Lee Flanagan

    2nd            Andrew Aitken

    1st             Alastair Falconer


    Sandiland’s Cup

    3rd            Krzysztof Klidzia

    2nd            Laura Fell

    1st             Nikki Javan


    Road Handicap / Goodall Trophy

    3rd            Simon Webster

    2nd            Christopher Metcalf

    1st             Vanessa Wheeler


    Off Road Handicap / Jamieson Trophy

    3rd            Lucy Finch

    2nd            Christopher Finch

    1st             Bill Beattie


    Women’s Track & Field

    3rd            Michelle O’Mahony

    2nd            Rachel Lindley

    1st             Sandra Francis


    Men’s Track & Field

    3rd            Jon Dean

    2nd            Lee Flanagan

    1st             Paul Cripps


    Women’s Triathlon

    1st             Steph Upton


    Men’s Triathlon

    1st             Matt Stone


    Woman Of The Year

    Ally Whitlock


    Man Of The Year

    James Burree

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