You are strongly encouraged to help in club events when you can. As an extra incentive if you want to enter the London Marathon and have failed to get a place through the main draw you can put your name in the draw for one of the club places. The more you have helped the more chance you have of getting a place as the rules below explain. The draw takes place in October after the London Marathon have notified people whether they have a place or not for the event the following April.

In 2018 the club received 7 places: 4 because we marshal the London Marathon at Hungerford Bridge and 3 because we have over 300 first claim members affiliated to England Athletics. The number of places is subject to revision by the London Marathon.

To be in the draw for any of the club places you must meet these criteria:-

Entered and have been rejected in the main London Marathon draw (we will need to see your ‘rejection letter or email’)
Been a paid up 1st claim member since 1st of January in the current year.
Paid your subs as a 1st claim member for the current season which starts in October.

First draw for 4 places:-
Must have helped in the current year’s London Marathon and in two other Striders supported event listed below.

Second Draw for 2 places :-
Must have helped in at least three events in the previous 12 months (October to September) out of:-

This year’s London Marathon
The Switchback
The Race For Life
Track & Field events where we are marshalling
The Croydon Half Marathon
One of the Handicap races
Surrey League cross country races at Lloyd Park if we are hosting or co-hosting,
Help at least four times at any parkrun event or an event that another local club hosts such as the Croydon 10K or East Surrey League cross country (counts as 1)

NB: Interpretation of ‘help’ is at the discretion of the Club Chairman and Secretary

Third draw for the final place :-
Anyone who has been unable to help in three events but has met the main entry criteria.

Unsuccessful entries in each draw are carried forward to the next draw.

And finally …
Please note: If you are successful in the draw it’s up to you submit your entry and entry fee again using the special entry form for reserved places.

When the draw is announced please notify the club secretary that you wish to be included in the ballot, list the events you have helped in and be prepared to produce your London Marathon rejection letter.