The full list of Wednesday evening on road routes. Click on the links for detail maps.

We usually have four pace groups so each route has four variations:- Route 1 for those can run 10k in less than 45 minutes. Route 2 for those quicker than 55 min 10k pace. Route 3 for those quicker than 60 min 10k pace Route 4 for the rest.

Summer Routes     Mostly off road

Traditonal               Shirley Hills, Bramble Bank, Littleheath, Croham                                                         Hurst, Conduit Lane.
Croham Hurst         Over and round Croham Hurst
Vanguard Way        Out and back along the Vanguard Way
Sparrows Den          Out towards Sparrows Den
Switchback               Variations on the Switchback route

For Lighter evenings in late Spring and early Autumn

Croydon 10k            Variations on the 10K Route.
South Norwood       Out to South Norwood Country Park.
Spout Hill                 Over Gravel hill and back up Spout Hill.

Winter Routes        On Road

Addiscombe             Vales and Dales.
Elmers End              Out towards Elmers end via Shirley and back via Addiscombe.
Gravel Hill                Out to Gravel Hill and back towards Selsdon.
Pampisford Road    Out towards Purley and Pampisford Road in either direction.
Purley Playing Fields A variation on Pampisford Road
Sanderstead Hills       Up towards Sanderstead.
Essenden Rd/Church Way     A variation on Sanderstead Hills
Selsdon                        Out towards Selsdon and back via Gravel Hill.
Shirley                         A tour of Shirley
Shirley North & South    A second tour of Shirley
Wandle                     Out towards Beddington Park and back.


AGM 10k                  40 minute version of Croydon 10K for pre AGM.
Pinewood                  to visit the Christmas lights.