• Rosenheim League

    Striders of Croydon produced some good performances in their Rosenheim League match at Tooting on Wednesday. Their women did very well to finish second, while their men placed fifth in the six-club match. Jadwiga Brzask-Makiela became Striders’ first female steeplechaser, placing third in the women’s race in an inaugural club women’s record of 8:43.0. Striders’ women gained excellent points in the sprints, with second places for Vanessa Wheeler in the 100 metres (19.3), Yasmin Anderson in the 200 metres (42.3) and Ellyw Evans in the 400 metres (77.1). Natalie Ballarin was second in the shot (6.06) and third in the javelin, where she set a club W45 record of 14 metres 30. There were also third places for Grace Rehman in the 800 metres (3:31.6) and for the 4 x 200m relay team. There were fourth places for Cindy Siu in the 1500 metres (6:48.2) and Ally Whitlock in the 3000 metres (11:43.9).

    For Striders’ men, Luke Burden did well to place second in both the 2000 metre steeplechase (7:17.9) and the triple jump (10.04). Phil Coales placed second in the 800 metres (2:04.9) and fifth in the javelin (20.07). There were fourth places for Max Veglio in the 400 metres (61.3), Marc Burrows in the 1500 metres (5:09.0) and James Harrison in the shot (8.16). There were fifth places for Jeremy Sinclair in the 100 metres (19.9), James Harrison in the 200 metres (33.7) and Martin Filer in the 3000 metres (10:33.9). Striders had a total of 24 competitors.

    On Saturday, John O’Mahony completed the ‘Race To The King’ 50K on the South Downs in 6:27:32.

    At Bromley on Monday, Lorraine Hunte set a club W70 100m record of 17.65, while Steve Corfield set an M60 800m record of 2:19.01.

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