Men’s Surrey League

This is the major cross country league in Surrey.

The League comprises four divisions – each division has nine teams.
At the end of each season the top two teams from the division are promoted and the bottom two are relegated.

Each season has just four races.
Each club can have as many runners as they are able to.
The first ten runners finishing the race for each club score points for their club. So there are ninety men scoring in each race (9 clubs x 10 runners).
The first runner to finish scores 1 point, the second one home scores 2 pts., the third scores 3 etc.
Unlike in the women’s league, for the men there are no ‘B’ or ‘C’ teams and any runner not finishing in his club’s first ten is effectively removed from the scoring. Quite often the strongest teams will have their first 10 runners finish in the top 50 places overall with their unlucky 11th runner finishing in the top 60 places and well ahead of other club’s scorers – but finding himself removed from the overall scorers list.

The four races are always about 5 miles long – often comprising two laps.
They usually start at 3 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon.

The Men’s Surrey League forms part of Striders internal cross country competition – the Sandilands Cup.


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