• Southern Veterans Athletics League

    Striders of Croydon did very well to place third out of nine clubs in their first Southern Veterans League match of the season, at Wimbledon on Monday. Steve Corfield won both the M60 1500 metres (5:01.5) and the M60 400 metres (63.9). Sandra Francis won the W60 long jump (2.93) and was fourth in the W60 javelin (7.27). Lorraine Hunte set a club W70 100 metres record of 18.0 seconds, placing second in her race. Jon Dean was second in the M60 high jump (1.30) and third in the M60 long jump (3.90) and the M60 discus (16.69).

    Max Veglio won the M35B 400 metres (61.6) and was fourth in the M35A 1500 metres (4:46.0). Niamh Vincent was third in the W35 400 metres (73.4) and the W35 1500 metres (5:47.8). Natalie Traylen was third in the W35 shot (6.06) and the W35 javelin (12.61). Peter Johnson was third in the M60 100 metres (15.7).

    Ruth Pearson was fourth in the W50 javelin (7.65) and the W50 shot (3.90). Vanessa Wheeler was fourth in the W60 1500 metres (7:44.8) and the W60 shot (4.36). Erik Schrijnemaekers was fourth in the M35B 1500 metres (5:12.8). Sarah Allport was fourth in the W35B 1500 metres (8:54.0). There were fifth places for Jeremy Tonkin in the M50 100 metres (16.1), Steve Massey in the M50 400 metres (67.1) and Jason Gallagher in the M35 long jump (3.93). Kechong Nguyen was seventh in the M35 100 metres (16.0).

    In the Bannister Mile at Oxford, Steve Corfield set a club M60 record of 5:22.74, placing third in his heat.

    On Saturday, Ally Whitlock was the fourth woman to finish the North Downs Way 50-mile race (8:43:44). Club colleague Gemma Halliday also completed the tough trail course (11:00:14). On Sunday, Andy Perks completed the Riga Marathon in 2:58:47.

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