• Race Results posted on 21/04/2015

    Beatrice Schaer Windsor & Eton Winter Duathlon Series 18-Apr-15 46:13 (2nd female, 1st vet category and 5th overall) 2.5k-12k-2.5k Road
    Keith Simpson Kharkiv International Marathon 11-Apr-15 3.57.32 89/205 1st Brit home (actually the only Brit in the race!) Why did they start it at 11.30 when it had been brilliantly sunny since before 6.00am!
    Adam Kos Manchester Marathon 19-Apr-15 2.52.18, 175th Marathon, road, flat
    Nicole Woods Manchester Marathon 19-Apr-15 3:52:43 (3687/7759) Gender 582/2276 Category 68/290 Marathon, road, flat PB by 15 mins and achieved my dream of Boston GFA!! Very happy/shocked! πŸ™‚
    Steve Tyler Manchester Marathon 19-Apr-15 5.23.03 Marathon, road, flat
    Keith Simpson Ashford and District Half Marathon 20-Apr-15 1:45:04Β  37/135 Half Marathon mixed terrain Undulating, I planned it as a gentle recovery run, ended up quite quick.
    Steph Upton Thames towpath 10 19th April 2015 5th female 1:12:08 10 multi Nice fast flat course
    Terence Buxton Fullers towpath 10 19-Apr-15 1.30.16 10 miles
    Darren Woods Fullers Thames Towpath 10 19-Apr-15 1:08:26(47th) 10 Miles Fast flat race and new PB over 10 miles
    Peter Laurence Thames Towpath 10 19-Apr-15 1:16:25 (Position 128) 10 Miles / multi-terrain (pavement, trail and grass)
    Becky Laurence Thames Towpath 10 19-Apr-15 1:17:19 (position 134) 10 Miles / multi-terrain (grass, road, trail) Chip time above; gun time
    John Gannon darent Valley 10K 19-Apr-15 57.01, 413th 10K road
    Paula Irving darent Valley 10K 19-Apr-15 1.10.43, 596th 10K road
    Julie Jordan darent Valley 10K 19-Apr-15 1.10.44, 597th 10K road
    Bill Makuwa Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 2.51.01 Marathon, road, flat
    Andy Perks Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 3.05.11 Marathon, road, flat
    Steve Harris Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 3.12.40 Marathon, road, flat
    Dave Shaw Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 3.17.07 Marathon, road, flat
    John Collins Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 3.21.36 Marathon, road, flat
    Mark Kelly Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 3.55.23 Marathon, road, flat
    Steve Collard Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 3.56.11 Marathon, road, flat
    Carolyn Storey Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.03.04 Marathon, road, flat
    Stuart Hills Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.04.41 Marathon, road, flat
    Dev Malhotra Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.07.44 Marathon, road, flat
    Colin Hann Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.16.57 Marathon, road, flat
    Adele Boesinger Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.20.27 Marathon, road, flat
    Jessica Thomas-Cole Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.21.00 Marathon, road, flat
    Richard Mernagh Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.22.09 Marathon, road, flat
    Kevin Worrall Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.29.49 Marathon, road, flat
    James Duffin Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.35.24 Marathon, road, flat
    Tony Flowers Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 5.24.07 Marathon, road, flat
    Lisa Jackson Brighton Marathon 12-Apr-15 6.41.49 Marathon, road, flat
    Louise Grech Paris Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.02.39 Marathon, road, flat
    Linda Daniel Rotterdam Marathon 12-Apr-15 4.09.03 Marathon, road, flat

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