• Race Results posted on 20/12/2016

    Peter Mills South of Thames champs 17/12/2016 17th, 40.06 approx. 7.2 miles xc striders (6 to score) finished 6th
    Krzysztof Klidzia Beckenham Place Park 63rd M, 43.21 striders (12 to score) finished 4th
    Justin Macenhill 70th M, 43.51  
    Andy Perks 119th M, 48.44  
    Simon Webster 126th M, 49.25  
    Matt Ostrowski 127th M, 49.25  
    Sam O’dongo 132nd M, 50.15  
    Simon Pannell 139th M, 50.28  
    Mick Turner 146thM, 50.51  
    chris Morton 161st M, 52.29  
    Tony Ostrowski 169th M, 54.58  
    Michael Joseph 190th M, 60.14  
    Peter Johnson Ron Hill Horton Country Park 10k 18/12/2016 44;02 50th roads around Horton country park Foggy and misty morning final race in a series of 3  – T-shirt if you race all three – mince pies and tea or coffee afterwards
    Sunjay Bhogal Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon 18/12/2016 3:33:11  Pos 150/1014 26.2 miles, multi Terrain.  
    Darren Woods Runthrough Greenwich park 5k and 10k 18/12/2016 42:25(28th) 10k, tarmac Nice festive medal and mince pies at the end!
    Michael Smaldon 46.22 (76th)  
    Terry Buxton 55.57 (269th)  
    Neil Mcdonough 58.20 (329th)  
    Nat Baynes Runthrough Greenwich park 5k and 10k 30.11 (98th) 5K

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