• parkrun mob match with Croydon Harriers

    The ninth annual ‘mob match’ between Croydon Harriers and Striders of Croydon took place on Saturday morning, in conjunction with the South Norwood parkrun. The match saw the highest ever number of finishers for both clubs. The first parkrun finisher was Mike Cummings of Herne Hill (16:48), who was followed by six Croydon Harriers. Phil Symonds was a close second (16:49), with Benjamin Whyte third (17:18) and Douglas Aikman fourth (17:41). Kyron-Bailee Burke was the first under-18 to finish, placing fifth overall (17:53). Patrick Lucas was sixth (17:55) and Matthew Shires seventh (18:10).

    The first Strider to finish was Andrew Aitken, who placed first in the M40 age-group and eighth overall (18:16). Lee Flanagan of Striders was first in the M45 age-group and ninth overall (18:23). David Brown of Harriers was tenth (19:23). Striders had the next five finishers, led by Graeme Drysdale who was first in the M55 age-group and eleventh overall (19:25). Simon Ambrosi was 12th (19:31), just one second ahead of club colleague Steve Corfield who was first in the M60 age-group and 13th overall (19:32), recording the highest age-grading of 82.08%. Matthew Stone was second in the M60 age-group and 14th overall (19:43), recording the second highest age-grading of 81.32%. Dan Forrester was 15th (19:45).

    Harriers had the next three finishers with Alan Burn 16th (19:52), Ashley George 17th (19:54) and Sam Dorrans 18th (19:55). John Punt of Striders was 19th (19:56) and Marcos Palomares-Conde of Harriers 20th (19:58). Thus Harriers had eleven runners finishing in under 20 minutes, whereas Striders had eight.

    Harriers had the first two female finishers. Zoha Jetha placed 25th overall in 20:13, which was the fastest time ever recorded on the course by an under-18 woman. Her club colleague Madeleine Armstrong-Plieth was first in the W40 age-group, placing 28th overall (20:38). She was just ahead of Daniel Finch of Striders who was the first under-15 to finish, placing 29th overall (20:41). Niamh Vincent of Striders was the third female finisher, placing 31st overall (20:56). Harriers had the first two under-15 girls to finish with Aida Palomares-Dominguez placing 41st overall (21:30) and Lucy Cole placing 44th overall (21:34).

    Jon Dean of Striders was first in the M65 age-group, placing 47th overall (21:36). Luka Scott-Kurti of Harriers was the first under-11 to finish, placing 77th overall (23:20). Saria Scott-Kurti of Harriers was the first under-11 girl to finish, placing 96th overall (25:03). Sunanda Sarker-Bell of Harriers was first in the W55 age-group, placing 97th overall (25:04). Michael Bassett of Striders was first in the M70 age-group, placing 150th overall (27:43). Colin Cotton of Striders was first in the M75 age-group, placing 158th overall (28:40). Lesley Bassett of Striders was first in the W70 age-group, placing 250th overall (51:21).

    Striders had 52 runners finishing in under 30 minutes, while Harriers had 44. In total, Striders had 64 finishers whereas Harriers had 56. Scoring 56-a-side, Harriers won by 3258 points to 3070. Using the ‘Thornbury’ method whereby all 120 finishers score, Harriers won by 3673 points to 3587.

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