• Christmas and New Year

    Just a reminder/confirmation of what’s happening over the next two weeks.

    This Wednesday – the usual runs with a detour to visit Pinewood Close in Shirley which has been  lit up like a Christmas tree.  If you remember bring a few coins with you to donate to their charity box.

     Friday 21st – Striders Stroll the 9.5 miles from Wandsworth to Richmond.  Meet at East Croydon at 9:35 to catch the 9:47 to Wandsworth.

     Friday 21st – Evening the usual Friday run

     Sunday 23rd – The usual Sunday run. The forecast is wet and windy so,  unless there is a dramatic change, no bike ride after the one hour run.

     Boxing Day – A “Sunday run” at 8:30 am.  No Wednesday evening run

     Friday 28th.   A very informal Striders only orienteering event in Lloyd Park starting at 9:30am from the club house. No previous experience necessary. There will be two routes round the park you can choose to do one or both either on your own or pair up with someone who has done it before.

    Please let me know if you plan to come so I can print enough maps. If you would like to do it but are working on Friday let me know and I can give you the maps to do it in your own time.

    Friday – evening the usual Friday run.

     Sunday 30th.  The Greenwich Run. Finishing with breakfast at Cafe Rouge.  Meet at East Croydon at 8: 10 to catch the 8:21 to London Bridge.

    New Years Day – The Addington 4.  Meet at the corner of Upper Shirley Road and Shirley Church Road soon after 11:00 to hand in your watch.  You decide when to start. The winner is the one who finishes the 4 miles closet to midday.  The late start is so that you can do one or more of the New Years Day Parkruns beforehand if you wish.

    Happy Christmas to all.

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