• Final Club Handicap results

    Can be found here : http://www.stridersofcroydon.org.uk/?page_id=4012 Many thanks to all of you who ran or helped out at our final handicap of the summer for the Goodall Trophy. Congratulations to Mike Hinchliffe who was our winner, who had completed one of the first two handicaps. Runners in bold in the results had completed one of the

  • Race results posted on 21/07/2015

    Iain Harrison Elmore 7 18/07/2015 9th, 40.04 7 miles, road Peter Mills Elmore 7 18/07/2015 22nd, 42.47 7 miles, road Justin Macenhill Elmore 7 18/07/2015 55th, 46.00 7 miles, road Graeme Drysdale Elmore 7 18/07/2015 64th, 46.45 7 miles, road Chris Morton Elmore 7 18/07/2015 112th, 49.47 7 miles, road Paul Stanford Elmore 7 18/07/2015

  • Race results posted on 14/07/2015

    Richard Mernagh Wycombe half marathon 12/07/2015 1.56.02 position  237 Half marathon Well organised. Nice medal Ozgur Gulec Ranscombe Challenge 12/07/2015 11:03:37   1st 90 km 12 hrs challenge Mike Hinchliffe Sri Chinmoy Self Transcendance 5K 13/07/2015 24:24 Position 133 5K Flat Mike Stewart Surrey Badger Half 12/07/2015 11th, 1.31.19 Half marathon approx., multiterrain Cara Kayum Surrey

  • Race Results posted on 07/07/2015

    Sunjay Bhogal Foots Gray Meadows 10km (nr Sidcup) 04/07/2015 51:47   Pos 29/87 10km multi terrain Stephen Massey Self-Transcendence battersea 10k 04/07/2015 39:56  in 32 position 10K flat Battersea park Mike Hinchliffe Self Transcendance 10K 04/07/2015 55:30 95th 10K flat Battersea park Phil Coales Self Transcendance 10K 04/07/2015 39.01, 20th 10K flat Battersea park Cara Kayum

  • Owen Trophy updates now include Marathons

    Results and targets, now including marathons run during the period 01/12/2014 to 30/06/2015 are here : http://www.stridersofcroydon.org.uk/?page_id=3983

  • Owen Trophy updates including Half Marathons

    Results and targets have been updated and appear here : http://www.stridersofcroydon.org.uk/?page_id=3983 They include half marathons run since 01/12/2014, but exclude the Croydon Half Marathon which has its own section.  

  • Race Results posted on 30/06/2015

    Darren Wood Near As Dammit 25-Jun-15 42.51, 30th 10K approx., xc on Farthing Downs Chris Morton Near As Dammit 25-Jun-15 44.01, 38th 10K approx., xc on Farthing Downs Nigel Finch Near As Dammit 25-Jun-15 45.19, 43rd 10K approx., xc on Farthing Downs Becky Laurence Near As Dammit 25-Jun-15 48.03, 57th (3rdF) 10K approx., xc on

  • Road rankings as at 26th June 2015

    Latest road rankings can be found at : http://www.stridersofcroydon.org.uk/?page_id=2279

  • Owen Trophy update and latest Committee Minutes

    Updates to Owen Trophy after Richmond 10K are here : http://www.stridersofcroydon.org.uk/?page_id=3983 Latest committee minutes from 18th June are here : http://www.stridersofcroydon.org.uk/?page_id=3333  

  • Race Results posted on 23/06/2015

    James Bennett Dinosaur Relay 17-Jun-15 2nd fastest, 17.01 5K multiterrain in Crystal Palace park Velociraptor team, WINNERS ! Iain Harrison Dinosaur Relay 17-Jun-15 3rd, 17.17 5K multiterrain in Crystal Palace park Simone Luciani Dinosaur Relay 17-Jun-15 4th, 17.29 5K multiterrain in Crystal Palace park Ernie Hann Dinosaur Relay 17-Jun-15 7th, 17.48 5K multiterrain in Crystal