• Good performances by Striders at the Elmore 7

    Striders of Croydon produced some good performances in hot conditions in the Elmore seven-mile road race at Chipstead on Saturday, which was the penultimate race in this year’s Surrey Road League. They were led by Tatsuya Okamoto who ran well to place fourth in the over-40 category and 14th overall (41:15), while Andrew Aitken also ran well to place fifth in the over-40 category and 17th overall (42:08). Phil Coales was 20th (42:42) and Erik Schrijnemaekers 26th (44:02). Steve Corfield ran very well to place first in the over-60 category and 46th overall (48:21). Stephen Allport was 73rd (52:44), John O’Mahony 87th (54:15) and Mick Turner 92nd (55:18). Jane Hughes was the 52nd woman to finish, placing 158th overall (78:15). Stephen Tyler was 165th (93:41) and Sarah Allport was the 55th woman to finish, placing 166th overall (94:26).

    Early on Sunday morning, Ally Whitlock was the fourth woman to finish the Wendover Woods Night 50K, placing 30th overall out of 167 finishers in 6 hours 11 minutes 05.

    Matthew Stone placed first out of 86 finishers in the Bethlem Royal Hospital parkrun (18:44). Ellyw Evans was the first woman to finish the South Norwood parkrun, placing 23rd overall (24:11), while Angela Seesurrun was the fourth woman to finish, placing 31st overall (25:26). Consuelo Kennefick was the third woman to finish the Riddlesdown parkrun, placing 14th overall (23:23). Justin Macenhill was fourth in the Terry Hershey parkrun at Houston in Texas (19:49), while Simon Ambrosi was fourth in the Marston Vale parkrun (19:59).

    Daniel Finch was second in the Lloyd junior parkrun (7:55), while his brother Thomas Finch was fifth (9:06). Zoe Siu was the fifth female finisher, placing 18th overall (10:15). Hazel Siu was 40th (13:02) and Hasan Suruliz 50th (14:24).

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