• The seventh annual ‘mob match’ between Croydon Harriers & Striders of Croydon

    The seventh annual ‘mob match’ between Croydon Harriers and Striders of Croydon took place in conjunction with the weekly South Norwood parkrun on Saturday. The first finisher was Phil Coales of Striders who ran 16 minutes 50 seconds, while the first Harrier to finish was James Nuthall who placed seventh (18:22). James Rhodes of Striders was ninth (18:25), while Harriers’ middle-distance coach Alan Burn was the first over-50 to finish, placing eleventh overall (18:41). Andrew Aitken of Striders was 12th (19:00), just one place and one second of his club colleague Matthew Stone, who was the first over-55 to finish and who achieved the highest age-grading with 82.21 per cent. Kyron-Bailee Burke of Harriers was the first under-15 to finish, running very well to place 18th overall (19:32). Jon Dean of Striders was the first over-60 to finish, placing 25th overall (20:38).

    Niamh Vincent of Striders was the first woman to finish, placing 27th overall (20:46). Nikki Javan of Striders was the third woman to finish, placing 47th overall and first in the W40 age-group (22:26), while her club colleague Kara Boaks was the fourth woman to finish, placing 49th overall (22:30). Harriers’ women were led by Laura Marshall who was the fifth woman to finish, placing 53rd overall (22:51).

    Bob Ewen of Striders was the first over-65 to finish, placing 69th overall (23:43). Kyra Sethna-McIntosh of Harriers was the first under-18 woman to finish, placing 77th overall (24:33). Her younger sister Jana Sethna-McIntosh was the first under-15 girl to finish, placing 83rd overall (25:01), just one place and one second of her fellow-Harrier Holly Perks.

    Michael Bassett of Striders was the first over-70 to finish, placing 89th overall (25:24). Miriam De Souza of Harriers was first in the W45 age-group, placing 96th overall (25:57). Sandra Francis of Striders was first in the W60 age-group, placing 154th overall (33:20).

    In total Striders had 38 finishers, of whom 11 finished in under 21 minutes, while Harriers had 25 finishers, of whom seven finished in under 21 minutes. Using the ‘Thornbury’ method whereby all 63 finishers score, Striders won by 1186 points to 830. Scoring 23-a side, Striders won by 627 points to 454.

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