• Striders hold the 28th annual Switchback 5 XC race in Lloyd Park

    Striders of Croydon had a very good turnout of 50 runners as they began their cross-country season with a ‘mob match’ against Dulwich Runners, in conjunction with the weekly parkrun in Lloyd Park on Saturday. Dulwich only fielded 26 runners, although they showed impressive quality by having the first four men and the first eight women to finish the parkrun.

    Striders’ men were led by Lee Flanagan who placed fifth of the 297 finishers, completing the undulating five-kilometre course in exactly 19 minutes. Robert Lines was seventh (19:08) with Matthew Stone ninth (19:18), Simon Ambrosi 12th (19:29), Steve Corfield 19th (20:08), Andy Perks 22nd (20:21), Steve Massey 27th (20:50), John Summers 32nd (21:11), Jon Dean 34th (21:21), Damian Macenhill 36th (21:31), Micky Wheeler 40th (21:43), John Punt 42nd (21:47), Chris Morton 45th (21:55) and Martin Drake 46th (21:56).

    Striders’ women were led by Steph Upton who was the ninth woman to finish, recording 22 minutes 36. Jodie Gray was close behind her in tenth place (22:47) with Becky Laurence 17th (25:27), Molly Haviland 18th (25:37), Claire Mitchell 27th (27:15), Hannah Musk 31st (27:37), Michelle Klein 39th (29:09), Ruth Pearson 42nd (29:16), Karen Macenhill 44th (29:37) and Lorraine Turner 49th (30:31).

    On the following day Striders held their 28th annual Switchback race on a five-mile course in Lloyd Park and Addington Hills. There were 112 finishers, and the winner was former Strider Jay Lidbetter (30:43), while the first Strider was Lee Flanagan who placed third (31:12). Matthew Stone placed sixth overall and was first in the over-50 category (31:28). Striders dominated the women’s race with Jenny Rowe first (36:01), Jodie Gray second (36:46) and Steph Upton third (37:22).

    This Sunday (6th) Striders will be competing in the first East Surrey League race of the season, in Lloyd Park.

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