• Race Results posted on 27/10/2015

    Linda Daniel New Forest Stinger 18-Oct-15 01:35:46 10 miles. Multi Terrain Run in the heart of the New Forest, challenging, hilly but very scenic.
    Tony Ostrowski Back to the future (multi lap) 21-Oct-15 4.16.52 Marathon multi lap flat along thames
    Sunjay Bhogal Love Luton Half Marathon 25-Oct-15 1 hr 46 mins 27 secs     187/631 Road with some nice challenging hills
    Nick Kyritsis Beachy Head Marathon 24-Oct-15 4:18:46(gun),4:16:48(chip) 239th place Multi terrain marathon Marathon number 240
    Andy Perks Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 4.18.40 (238th) Multi terrain marathon
    Colin Hann Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 6.29.10 (1156th) Multi terrain marathon
    Sandra francis Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 7.55.07 (1367th) Multi terrain marathon
    Lynn Seymour Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 8.10.06 (1377th) Multi terrain marathon
    Natalie Seymour Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 8.10.06 (1378th) Multi terrain marathon
    Victoria Legge Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 8.10.05 (1379th) Multi terrain marathon
    Lisa Jackson Beachy Head 24-Oct-15 8.49.08 (1425th) Multi terrain marathon
    Killian Carr Dublin Marathon 26-Oct-15 3.58.12 road marathon
    Yasmin Anderson Richmond Park 10K 25-Oct-15 53.54 10K, road

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