• Race Results posted on 26/05/2015

    Beatrice Schaer Windsor Trail Run 24-May-15 48:51 (4th vet,13th woman, 45th) 10k trail with 10% road
    Josephine Thompson Bupa London 10000 25-May-15 42.31 10k Personal Best!
    Nicole Woods BUPA 10k 25-May-15 52:07 (3607/11988) 10k, road, flat
    Terence Buxton 23-May-15 24.46.21 5000m Surrey championship my first track event
    Terence Buxton 25-May-15 52.14 bupa 10k new PB
    Darren Woods Surrey County Championships 5000 metre final 23-May-15 19:33. 13th out of 15th 5000 Metres(5k). Track First track and PB
    Darren Woods Bupa London 10,000 25th May 2015 41:37(822nd) 10k. Tarmac

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