• Kicking off the New Year with parkrun!

    Striders of Croydon had several good performances in the New Year’s Day parkruns. Robert Lines ran well to place first out of 95 finishers in the Riddlesdown parkrun, recording 20 minutes 32. James Rhodes was second out of 106 finishers in the South Norwood parkrun (18:53), while Niamh Vincent was the first woman to finish, placing 21st overall (23:53). Matthew Stone was fourth out of 113 finishers in the Lloyd parkrun (21:05) with Steve Corfield sixth (21:26), while Selena Wong was the fifth woman to finish, placing 26th overall (26:12). Martin Filer was sixth in the Riddlesdown parkrun (22:46) with Richard Lee-Smith seventh (23:04). Robert Zietz was sixth out of 149 finishers in the Roundshaw parkrun (23:25). Damian Macenhill was eighth in the Westmill parkrun in Hertfordshire (22:27), while John Punt was ninth in the East Brighton parkrun (22:29). Striders had a total of 80 finishers in the various parkruns.

    On Sunday, Daniel Finch ran well to place second out of 87 finishers in the Lloyd junior parkrun, completing the two-kilometre course in 8 minutes 23. Striders had six finishers in this event.

    On New Year’s Eve, Matthew Stone placed 31st out of 176 finishers in the Serpentine five-kilometre road race in Hyde Park, recording 18 minutes 33. Darren Woods was 70th (21:21) and David Hoben 160th (30:48). On New Year’s Day Serpentine promoted a ten-kilometre race at the same venue, in which Bekir Yusuf placed 220th out of 405 finishers (50:35).

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