• 50 miles to 5km

    Rachel Lindley, from Striders of Croydon, ran very well in the Chiltern Wonderland 50-mile race, starting and finishing at Goring-on-Thames on Saturday. She was the third woman to finish, placing 16th overall out of 203 runners, and completing the course in a personal best of 8 hours 35 minutes 42 seconds.

    On Sunday afternoon, Striders’ men did very well to finish seventh in the Surrey Road Relays at Wimbledon Park. This was the first time that Striders had entered this event since 2016, and was their best placing in this event. The team comprised James Rhodes (16:29), Andrew Aitken (16:18), Tatsuya Okamoto (16:02), Martin Filer (16:43), Harry Madgwick-Lawton (16:28) and Phil Coales (15:46).

    On Saturday, Striders had the first female finisher in two of the local parkruns. Consuelo Kennefick was the first woman to finish the Riddlesdown parkrun, placing eighth overall (21:59), while Lottie Nusca was the first woman to finish the South Norwood parkrun, placing 23rd overall (22:08). Lee Flanagan was second in the Lloyd parkrun (19:01), while Jennifer Gutteridge was the second woman to finish, placing 27th overall (22:24). Ellyw Evans was the second woman to finish the Dolgellau parkrun, placing 13th overall (22:30). Lauren Cotton-Walkington was the second woman to finish the Hastings High School parkrun in Hinckley, placing 25th overall (23:40).

    Striders also had ten finishers in the Pride 10K road race in Victoria Park. They were led by Damian Macenhill who placed 46th (40:51), while John O’Mahony was 100th (43:11). Striders’ women were led by Selena Wong (53:19).

    In the Reigate Half-Marathon on Sunday morning, Niamh Vincent ran well to be the fourth woman to finish, recording a personal best of 90 minutes 52. Erik Schrijnemaekers was 24th (83:58) and Conor O’Hara-Barrett 26th (84:06).

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