When attending the club runs please:

1.      Try not to get there too early – we like you to be on time but don’t want to put you at risk.

2.      If you do get to the club early, stay in your car or in a well-lit area by the car park until someone you recognise arrives.

3.      Don’t hang around on your own after a run. If you’re waiting for a lift, ask someone to stay with you.

4.      Report anything suspicious to a Committee member or the police, if necessary.

5.      Take care of your club mates – be aware of your own safety and also the safety of others.

6.      Please don’t leave a member of the club, particularly a female, alone at the clubhouse.


7.      Wear bright coloured clothing – especially on night times runs.


Generally, if you are female, DO NOT go out running on your own.