Training Schedule

Marathon Training with Striders:-

Your training schedule is an individual decision, but for many the runs organised by Striders are a good starting point. Here is an example of a weekly Striders schedule. If you want advice on how this can be adapted to fit your own needs why not discuss it with one of Striders many experienced marathon runners.

Monday – rest

Tuesday – speed training/Fartlek either on the track or round Sandilands

Wednesday – 7:30 Club run 40 mins or 60 mins and as fast as you reasonably can in any of the four groups

Thursday – 7:40 track technique at Croydon Arena or do your own thing or have a break and swim for an hour with the club – 8:45 at Trinity (or both)

Friday – 7:00 40 mins at a good pace or do your own thing

Saturday – cross country or do your own thing.

Sundays – Either – Enter a race – see some examples here

Or – Extended club run at a steady pace.

To provide some flexibility for Sunday runs over the pre-marathon months, starting in December the club offers some longer away-day runs. Details here.
Or you still have the option of doing the normal club run at 8:30 a.m. You have the choice of 1 hour, 90 minutes or an extended run of about 2 hours. Mixed terrain with a bias towards running on good surfaces and avoiding the rough stuff.